Thursday, April 21, 2011


I think my mouth here look like Jun Komori's lol.
She smile like =D =D =D one. Ok, but that's besides the point.

Because it's Speech Day, lessons ended much earlier.
Like 11am. However, I suay suay kena choosen to be the
representative for my class at Speech Day ):
Went home and take a short nap before going to school again.
Good thing I live near school huh.

Met Weirong, KyeongHoon and Russel for lunch first.
I was very smart on that day! My attire likea (Y) only lol.
In fact, I didnt regret going even though it ended like 8pm.
And it's boring like why am I looking at people receiving prizes??
ON MY BIRTHDAY??? But I must say it's quite fun since everyone
is sitting together and they keep saying funny things LOL.

After Speech Day I quickly prepare to go out.
Very tired :< There was some conflicts going on though.
ANYWAY, I was surprised by this bouquet of roses.

Prettily decorated ^-^
Took a cab to mount faber for supper?
Didnt eat since I was full. But the ambience was
nice hahaa. Fell asleep on my way back home.
Yea, I was that tired. Reach home, take a quick bath
and BOOM I sleep already lolol!

Thanks everyone for your wishes and birthday presents!
Love you all * sends flying kisses *
Thanks for making my birthday memorable lol!